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Airplane An-2


The An-2 USSR light multi-purpose aircraft with piston single-engine, biplane, with rascality wing and fixed landing gear. Before the modification to the An-3, a long time former the world's largest single-engine biplane at an aviation history.
The use of this aircraft in civil aviation is extremely diverse – from transportation of passengers and cargo on local routes to aviation-chemical operations and forest fire-fighting.
Over the decades of operation the design of the An-2 has proved its reliability and safety, it is important that the An-2 can land on unprepared terrain.


An-2 technical characteristics

Crew: 2 pilots
Cruising speed - 150-190 km/h
Maximum speed – 250 km/h
Practical range - 2000 km
Range with maximum load – 990 km
Practical ceiling - 4500 m
Payload - 1500 kg
Seating capacity – 12 passengers
The dimensions of the cargo cabin of An-2:
length: 4.1 m
width: 1.6 m
height: 1.8 m

"AIC VECTOR" use the An-2, to provide various aviation services. These machines are involved in the active monitoring of forest fires, are used to conduct agricultural aircraft operations and aerial photography.


Maintenance and repair of An-2

"AIC VECTOR" organize repair of aircraft An-2 on the leading aircraft repair plants in Russia, besides, our company carries out maintenance service of aircraft An-2 (including operational, periodic, storage, seasonal and special technical services).