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Aircraft operations


Fire-fighting operation is one of the most important activities of "AIC VECTOR". This type of operations include aviation patrol of forests for the purpose of forest fire-fighting and state monitoring of forests, aviation chemical service, aviation photography and etc. Operations provided by the Mil-2, Mil-8MTV-1 and KA-32A helicopters and An-2 and Yak-18T airplanes.


Monitoring of forest fires

The monitoring of forest fires in summer time is an extremely important task. It could be done in several ways.
The oldest method of detection of forest fires is the finding of people with specialized towers. The main drawback of this method is the need to build towers and the requirement of all day presence of staff on duty.
The development of modern technology gave rise to another method for the detection of forest fires - the satellite monitoring. This method has certain drawbacks, for example large area of visible fire that can cause late detection. The third method is the aircraft monitoring. It allows at the right time with specified intervals to patrol even the most remote areas, and implement early detection of forest fires. During the flight monitoring of forests, and in the case of fire detection by the Navigator immediately detects and transmits to the control center coordinates.
"AIC VECTOR" carries out monitoring of forest fires with helicopters Mil-2, planes An-2 and Yak-18T. If it is necessary, An-2 can drop a small parachute groups of firefighters.


Forest fire fighting

"AIC VECTOR" carries out not only monitoring of forest fires but also fire-fighting. For these purposes, as it was said before, can be applied to the aircraft An-2 in airborne force version, which is the dropping of parachutists with equipment, and also helicopters Mil-8, carrying on an external sling soft Bambi bucket (ВСУ5А). The design of the device allows to regulate the amount of water withdrawn, except of that ВСУ5А is equipped with a device for feeding foaming agent, the use of which significantly increases the efficiency of extinguishing fires.


Delivery of cargo by the helicopter

"AIC VECTOR" offers its customers to use the service cargo delivery by helicopters. Cargo transportation by helicopters reduce the time of transportation compared with the use of vehicles to carry out delivery of oversized cargo, as well as to solve the problem of cargo delivery in remote or inaccessible areas, including in the absence of landing sites for loading or unloading.

Transportation of goods can be carried out on an external sling.

Cargo transportation on an external sling

Cargo transportation on an external sling of helicopter is produced in those cases that cannot be landing at the place of loading or unloading and when cargo cannot be placed in the cockpit of a helicopter due to its overall dimensions. The maximum weight of the transported on the external sling of the load depends on the model and variant of the helicopter, weather conditions, altitude helipads for loading and unloading above sea level, and other factors.