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Helicopter Ka-32A


Ka-32A multipurpose helicopter, the recognized as a leader in its class, designed by Kamov Design Bureau. The helicopter is designed for special SAR (search and rescue), construction operations, transportation of cargo inside the fuselage and on an external sling, patrols and other types of operations.

The advantage of Ka-32A helicopter:

  1. Coaxial design and the absence of a tail rotor mean that the compactness, high power and agility, and excellent handling.
  2. Has a high load capacity up to 5 tones on external sling.
  3. Fitted with the latest avionics systems.

“AIC VECTOR” has trained and experienced staff for carrying out construction and installation operations in mountainous and terrain, with the external application to fail. A Prime example of the professionalism of our staff is bringing our company to the construction of sports facilities for the Sochi Olympics Game -2014. The complexity of the construction of the Sochi-2014 facilities consisted in the fact that at high altitude, 2,500 to 3,000 meters, on an external sling with length of 60-70 meters, the pilots transported the building materials and concrete.


Helicopters Mil-8MTV-1 and Ka-32A has the basic and additional equipment for communication and for radar locations.

Pilots of “AIC VECTOR” capable of such technically challenging operations as installation of transmission and cell towers, drilling rigs, laying of transmission cables and pipelines, construction of high-rise buildings, the Assembly of various structures, construction of sports facilities in the mountain area, the Assembly and disassembly of various long systems. Engineering staff has permission to work with external sling of Ka-32A and Mi-8MTV-1 helicopters.

On any object and at each stage of the operations the company considers as main important point is high level of safety and quality of services.

In summary, “AIC VECTOR” looking forward to make partnership with corporations and individuals on mutually beneficial projects.


Technical characteristics of the Ka-32

Maximum take-off weight 13000 kg
Carrying capacity 4000 kg
The volume of water dropping device 5000 kg
Speed maximum/cruising 250/230 km/h
Practical ceiling 6000 m
Static ceiling 3980 m
Maximum range/ with extra tanks 620/1600 km
Crew/passengers 3/36
The dimensions of the cargo salon (LxWxH) 5.34х2.34х1.8 m
The diameter of main rotor 21.3 m