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Multipurpose helicopter Mil-2


Mil-2 multipurpose helicopter designed in the USSR in the 1960s by the Mil bureau, currently used for wide range of civil and military purpose, and to present day participates in tenders, worthy of competing with their modern helicopters.


Flight characteristics:

  • Normal for take-off weight – 3500 kg;
  • Max for take-off weight – 3659 kg;

Max speed- 210 km/h
Cruise speed - 194 km/h

  • Practical range - 580 km
  • With maximum capacity - 340 km
  • With additional tank – 790 km

Dynamic height - 4000 m
Static Height – 2000 m
Crew – 1 pilot
Payload: 8 passengers or 700 kg of cargo in the cabin (800 kg of cargo on an external sling)

"AIC VECTOR" carries out deliveries of Mil-2 helicopters and spare parts for Russian and foreign markets, provides Mil-2 leasing, and also organizes repair and modernization of helicopters and components.


Sale and rent

If you would like to purchase light multipurpose helicopter at a reasonable price, a decent choice would be the Mil-2. You can buy of Mil-2 with the help of our managers. They will advise you all matters relating to the purchase of the helicopter and its further maintenance and operation, as well as quick execute the necessary documents, conduct the transaction of sale and purchase of helicopter and help you to register your helicopter.

In addition, "AIC VECTOR" offers to customers various lease options of Mil-2, including the provision of Mil-2 in the leasing to the short term for perform certain tasks.



Our company is engaged in the organization of repair of Mil-2 helicopters and components to the leading aircraft repair enterprises of Russia. Repair of Mil-2 could be made by the high experienced specialists using modern equipment and technologies.