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Helicopter Mil-8 MTV


МMil-8 is a USSR multipurpose helicopter, designed by Mil design bureau at the beginning of 1960s. It is the most popular twin-engine helicopter in the world and is also included in the list of the most popular helicopters in aviation history. It is widely used for many civil and military tasks.

Mil-8MTV or Mil-8MTV-1 — version with engines TV3-117VM, TV3-117VM series 02, VK-2500-03. Launched in serial production in Kazan in 1988.

The helicopter is fixed by more powerful engines TV3-117VM. The maximum power of each engine is 2225 HP, which allows you to perform takeoff and landing to helipads, located at altitudes of 1700 meters and more above sea level. Power provides the required level of safety in case of one engine flight failure.

The Mil-8MTV-1 is the next version of the Mil-8MT. It equipped by the TV3-117VM, improved payloads helicopter in mountain terrain and high temperatures.


Technical characteristics of the Mil-8MTV-1 (Mi-17-1V)

Built 1987
The crew 3 pilots
The number of passengers 24
Length (with rotor) 25,31 m
Height (with tail rotor) 5,54 m
Main rotor diameter 21,3 m
Empty weight 7381 kg
Normal take-off weight 11 100 kg
Maximum takeoff weight 13 000 kg
Engines 2 × TV3-117VM
Engine power (off mode) 2 × 2000 HP
The maximum speed 250 km/h
Cruising speed 240 km/h
Dynamic ceiling 6000 m
Operational range 590 km
Flight range
  • at the maximum fuel
800 km
  • with a maximum load
550 km
Сonsumption of aviation fuel 0,72 t/hr

One hour of the Mil-8 in the air, costs about 3000-3500 USD (for 2013).