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Helicopter Mil-8T


Mil-8t is a USSR multipurpose helicopter, designed by the Mil Design Bureau at the beginning of 1960s. Is the most popular twin-engine helicopter in the world, and is also included in the list of the most popular helicopters in aviation history. It is widely used for many civil and military tasks.

The Mil-8 helicopter is designed for transportation of cargo inside of cabin and on external sling, mail, passengers, and also for carrying out construction and other operation in hard to reach areas. The helicopter is designed for single-rotor design with five-bladed main and three-blade tail rotor. The helicopter is equipped with two turboprop engines TV2-117A with take-off power of 1500 HP each, which ensures high safety as well as the flight possible and in case of refusal of one of engines.

The helicopter can be converted into an option to external sling operation. In an embodiment for operation with an external operation is used for transportation of long cargo weighing up to 3000 kg out of the fuselage. Flights of the helicopter at long ranges accommodate one or two additional fuel tanks in the cargo cabin. Existing versions of the helicopter equipped with a winch can use side arrows to make the ascent (descent) on Board the helicopter cargo weighing up to 150 kg and also in the presence of the hoist to tighten the cargo compartment wheeled loads of up to 3000 kg.

The helicopter crew consists of two pilots and a flight engineer.


The helicopter designed with attention to reliability, efficiency, ease of maintenance and operation. The safety of the helicopter Mil-8 is provided by:

  • installation of two helicopter engines TV2-117A(AG), the reliability of these engines and the main gearbox VR-8A;
  • ability to fly in case of failure of one engine, and also switch to autorotation regime in case of failure of both engines;
  • presence of compartments, isolating the engines and the main gearbox by means of fire partitions;
  • installing reliable fire protection systems that ensure fire-fighting in case of its occurrence simultaneously in all compartments and in each compartment individually;
  • installation of duplicate units in the major systems of the helicopter;
  • reliable and effective de-icing system on the main and tail blades, engine air intake and the windscreen the cockpit that allows you to fly in icing conditions;
  • installation of the equipment, providing simple and reliable piloting and landing of the helicopter in different weather conditions;
  • drive of the main systems from the main gearbox, ensuring the operability of systems during engine failure;
  • quick escape helicopter after landing his passengers and crew in emergency cases.

Technical characteristics of the Mil-8T

Year of design 1965
The crew 3 pilots
The number of passengers 24
Length (with rotor) 25,31 m
Height (with rotating rotors) 5,54 m
Main rotor diameter 21,3 m
Empty weight 6934 kg
Normal weight 11 100 kg
Max take-off weight 12 000 kg
Engines 2 × ТВ2-117
Engine power (off mode) 2 × 1500 HP
Max speed 260 km/h
Cruise speed 225 km/h
Dynamic height 4500 m
Operational distance 480 km
Flight range
  • with max fuel
  • max load
800 km
550 km
The consumption of fuel 0,72 t/hr

One hour of the Mil-8 in the air costs about 3000-3500 USD (for 2013).