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Multipurpose aircraft Yak-18T


Yak-18T is USSR light training and passenger aircraft, designed on the Yak-18 base. During modifications of twin training machine was installed four seats, capable of carrying three passengers with Luggage. In addition, there are mail, passenger, cargo and ambulance versions of the Yak-18T, in a training version of the aircraft is widely used for the aircraft initial training in educational institutions of civil aviation. Currently, the production of Yak-18T is conducted at the Smolensk aviation plant.


Design and flight characteristics of the Yak-18T

The constructive scheme of the Yak-18T is a monoplane with low wing and retractable tricycle landing gear with a nose support, a fuselage is a all-metal. The cabin of the Yak-18T four-seats, vent type, has two wide doors, one on each side of the fuselage. Behind the cabin on the left side of the fuselage is a large storage compartment.

Wing - 11.16 m
Length - 8.35 m
Fuel capacity - 150 kg
Maximum speed - 295 km/h
Cruising speed - 250 km/h
Practical range - 900 km
Maximum rate of climb - 300 m/min
Practical ceiling - 552 m
Crew - 1-2
Payload: up to 3 passengers or 400 kg of cargo.

"AIC VECTOR" applies Yak-18T for monitoring forest fires, the patrolling of pipelines (oil pipelines, gas pipelines, etc.), power lines, aerial photography, and other operations.


Maintenance and repair of Yak-18T

"AIC VECTOR" organize repair of Yak-18T (including capital) in Shakhtinsky aircraft repair plant, moreover, our company carries out maintenance of aircraft Yak-18T, including operational, periodic, storage, seasonal and special maintenance.