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Construction and installation operations


The usage of helicopters for construction and installation operations allows decreasing the cost and time of works in comparison of use ground building machines and sometimes it is only the one way to construct.

For example, construction and installation operations as usually made in the remote or difficult to access areas (installation of mobile and transmission towers, laying of oil and gas pipelines and etc.), as well as in Alpine areas (construction of ski lifts and other infrastructure on the slopes). The delivery of terrestrial construction machines to the areas of the works is very difficult, and sometimes fully impossible. In this cases the use of helicopters is becoming the only alternative.


Our company provides the following helicopter operations:

  • Installation of transmission towers, laying of electric lines
  • The installation of cell towers
  • Laying of pipelines
  • Assembly of drilling rigs
  • Construction of high-rise buildings and installation of various equipment
  • The construction of sports facilities in the mountains
  • Assembly and disassembly of various large size engineering constructions and buildings
  • Other special works in the construction.

Operations can be made on the terrain and mountain areas. High qualified flight crews and equipment of helicopters allow us to carry out any construction and installation helicopter operations.