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The Mil-2A is an upgraded version of the famous Mil-2 Helicopter.
Composition of rotors is a single-rotor with three-bladed main rotor and two-bladed tail rotor.

Instead of gas-turbine engines GTD-350 on the helicopter Mi-2A installed two turboshaft engine AI-450 developed by "Progress", Ukraine or "the Arrius-2MI", developed by the French company "Turbomeca".

As a result of installation of these engines greatly improved flight characteristics of the helicopter.


The new engines in comparison with the engines GTD-350, have match less fuel consumption, longest life, high reliability, lower noise, lower emissions of pollutants.
In connection with the installation of new engines, was upgraded transmission of the helicopter. Installed new gear boxes “ГР-2” and connecting the “ОР-2А “ and the connecting shaft for transmission of torque. Transmission shafts, intermediate and tail gear boxes are not changed.

The helicopter is equipped with modern avionic equipment and radio communication systems: radio HF "Crystal", radio VHF "Yurok", automatic radio compass, radar altimeter, intercom, aircraft transponder SO-94, recorder P-503B, the system of satellite navigation GPS-195, on-Board data recorder BUR-SL1. Installed electrical, radio and avionics enable the helicopter to be operated in adverse weather conditions, both day and night.

Fuel, oil, cooling system, fire, power supply systems was upgraded also. The rest of the system remained unchanged.


The helicopter can be used in the following versions, for:

  • transport and medical evacuation (can carry eight people or up to 1000 kg cargo);
  • bulky cargo transportation, helicopter equipped with the external sling with load capacity up to 1200 kg.;
  • passenger, can transport up to 8 passengers and Luggage;
  • agriculture treatment by spraying or dusting objects with different types of chemicals.

Conversion of the helicopter from one version to another does not require a large time and can be done in the field.