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Aircraft leasing


Helicopter Leasing

Nowadays the helicopter leasing becomes extremely popular, it is in a great request for all helicopter types from light twin to heavy helicopters. The use of leased helicopters allows do many tasks from cargo transportation and execution of construction operations to delivery of workers to the remote areas to VIP transportation with exclusive comfort.
The company "AIC VECTOR" provides to lease the light multi-purpose helicopters Mil-2.


The price of helicopter leasing in various forms depends on many factors: model of the helicopter, its modifications and installed equipment, the lease period, nature of the work performed, the expected flight hours of the helicopter and etc. The price helicopter rent in each case, You can discuss with our managers.


Leasing of helicopters ould be an addition to your company fleet, without investing a high financial funds for buying expensive equipment in the property. Lease payments could be divided into parts and could be paid during a long period of time. Moreover, the leasing equipment purchase reduce the tax base, the costs of property tax and it makes faster to transfer the cost of machines to the cost of works or services.
"AIC VECTOR" offers to customers a fleet of medium multi-purpose Mil-8 helicopters and light helicopters Mil-2 to the lease. For each client, we offer the best leasing model taking into account the wishes and financial possibilities of the customer.