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Aircraft Maintenance and Repair


"AIC VECTOR" organize repair of helicopters Mil-2, Mil-8 of different modifications and airplanes An-2 and Yak-18T on the leading aircraft factories of Russia:

  • CJSC "Moscow aircraft repair plant ROSTO" (MARZ)
  • JSC "Aircraft repair plant No. 356”, Engels city
  • JSC "Aircraft repair plant No. 26”, Tyumen city
  • JSC "Aircraft repair plant No. 810”, Chita city
  • JSC "Ural works of Civil Aviation" Yekaterinburg city
  • JSC "Shakhtinsky Avia Repair plant”, Shakhty city
  • and etc.

Long-term cooperation "AIC VECTOR " with these companies and great experience allows our clients to get more favorable terms than offered by the plants when they are accessed directly. This applies not only to the time and cost of execution, but also their quality.
Already carried out:

  • repair and conversion of different versions of more than 100 Mil-2 helicopters;
  • repair of more than 50 airplanes Antonov-2.

Aircraft maintenance

In addition to organizing the repair of helicopters and airplane "AIC VECTOR" carries out maintenance of the aircrafts. The company has a certificate of compliance for real-time, periodic, seasonal and special maintenance of helicopters Mil-2, Mil-8 (T, П, ПС, MTV-1), Ka-32 (A, C, T), aircraft An-2 and Yak-18T based on the airport Protasovo in the Ryazan region, helipads "Laura" and "Rosa Khutor" in the Krasnodar region.

Accepted for maintenance technique Performed services
1 Mil-8 T, P, PS Operational maintenance (checks “ВС “, “ОС”, “ОВ”, “ОВ1”, “А1”, “А2”, “Б” ), Maintenance during storage, Seasonal and special maintenance programs dated 30.08.91
2 Mil-8MTV-1 Operational maintenance (checks “ВС “, “ОС”, “ОВ”, “ОВ1”, “А1”, “А2”, “Б”), Periodic maintenance (checks “Ф1” and additional checks “ΔФ-2”, “ΔФ-3”, “ΔФ-4”), Maintenance for storage, Seasonal and special types of maintenances in accordance with Maintenance Manual for Mil-8MTV-1 part 1 dated 2 02.12.1994, part 2 dated 14.12.1994 and Flight Manual of “AIC VECTOR” LLC approved by the Federal Air Transport Agency
3 Mil-2 Operational maintenance (checks “ВС“, “ОС”, “ОВ”, “ОВ1”, “А1”, “А2”, “Б”), Periodic maintenance (the basic check “Ф1” (“Ф2” for Radio and Electronic equipment), Extra maintenances for 300, 750 hr), Maintenance for storage, Seasonal and special maintenance programs dated 18.01.2007
4 An-2 Operational maintenance (checks “ВС “, “ОС”, “ОВ”, “ОВ1”, “А1”, “А2”, “Б”), Periodic maintenance (checks “Ф1” -Additional checks “ΔФ2”, “ΔФ3”, “ΔФ4”, ΔФ5”,” ΔФ6”, “Ф1К”), Maintenance for storage, Seasonal and special maintenance programs dated 12.05.2003
5 Yak-18T Operational maintenance (checks “ВС “, “ОС”, “ОВ”, “ОВ1”, “А1”, “А2”, “Б”), Periodic maintenance (checks “Ф1”, additional works “ΔФ2”, “ΔФ3”, “ΔФ4”, ΔФ5”,” ΔФ6”, “Ф1К”), during storage, seasonal and special maintenance programs dated 12.05.2003
6 Ka-32A Operational maintenance (checks: preflight preparation, preparation for re-flight, post-flight check), Periodic checks (every 10, 25, 50, 100, 300 flight hours and every 1, 3, 6 months), Special inspections (maintenance for storage, checks after replacement of the main engines and main gearbox, seasonal maintenance), lubricating, refueling.