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MEDEVAC (medical evacuation)


MEDEVAC (medical evacuation) is vital in rescuing victims and providing emergency medical care to patients when deciding factor is time. Only aviation is able to overcome in the fastest way the steep mountains, impenetrable forests and traffic jams of big cities.


This type of activity operations was selected by the “AIC VECTOR” as one of the top priorities in its development. In this case were developed the appropriate plans and mechanisms for their implementation, proposed Federal state budgetary institution "Clinical hospital" of President’s Administration of Russian Federation. From this point a project was launched for the use of helicopters for emergency medical evacuation and patient delivery in Moscow and Moscow region. One of the issues that should have been solved by the doctors in conjunction with pilots: choosing the type of helicopter most suitable for the task considering the diversity of climatic conditions and wide areas. Looking through all "pros" and "cons", was chosen the one of the most successful helicopters of Mil Design Bureau: Helicopter Mil-2. Some regions have paid special attention to this question and started developing MEDEVAC. For example, in Ekaterinburg region, “AIC VECTOR” with the Medicine Accident Territorial Center prepared and certified helipad to ensure the operations of the health and rescue in car accidents.


Since May 2012 “AIC VECTOR” holds 24 hour air medical service in Ekaterinburg, where are based three Mil-2 helicopters with a team of doctors. It was made more than 200 rescue flights this year. More than 150 of injured people were rescued from car accidents. For some of them it was the only way to save their lives. “AIC VECTOR” ready to use this experience in other regions of Russia, especially in remote regions like Far North, Siberia, Far East, etc.


In MEDEVAC, in accordance with the main goals of the air ambulance, the company has great experience in operation by the Mil-2 helicopter ambulance version, including the organization of duties and interaction with local medical services.

To create the maximum comfort to the injured people, the designers of “AIC VECTOR” developed special collapsible stretсher, that do not make discomfort in the work of the medical staff on the board of helicopter.

Installation of the preheating system of the main gearbox has significantly reduced the time of preparation of aircraft for departure in winter time to 30 minutes. To maintain normal temperature in the cabin installed heaters “Airtronic” at the back of the helicopter.


“AIC VECTOR” with medical experts determined the optimal composition of medical equipment and its placement on Board the helicopter:

  • vacuum device;
  • monitor of the vital functions;
  • infusion pump;
  • liver ventilator portable;
  • monitor for defibrillator;
  • anesthesia machine portable.

Ambulance version of the Mil-2 in the cabin can admit two patients on stretchers and one doctor.


“AIC VECTOR” prepares helicopter for certification the helipad and fuel storage and provides the crew and helicopter maintenance.


For the customer request, designers of “AIC VECTOR” can make any changes to reach helicopter functionality and comfort. The helicopter can be equipped with additional medical equipment as external sling for operations related to the emergency medical care and transportation of patients. During the rescue operations in a mountain areas the helicopter can be additionally equipped with a winch.


The cost of one hour Mil-2 flight of is in three times less, than the cost of the foreign helicopter (BK-117, AS-350, etc.)

While Mil-2 is objectively superior to them in terms of reliability and adaptability to operate in difficult climate conditions and could be kept in outside storage. Taking into account the extended use of the helicopter in many companies and regions of the country, it is easy to operate Mil-2 in almost any region.