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Exclusive tuning of helicopters and other aircrafts is one of the important activities of our company.


Helicopters as well as cars belongs to DIFFERENT people, are used for DIFFERENT purposes. And they all should be exclusive and have their own individuality. For example, the interior of the helicopter used for the business purpose should be prestigious and excellent, as is used here honey finish, maximum insulation, sofas and chairs of high comfort, can be integrated with additional furniture, if required to the body and certain parts of the interior bear logos of the owner.


Searching for originality and uniqueness, many aircraft owners are ready for serious investments, but the customer desire is to protect their investment and get guaranteed quality result.


It should be noted that Tuning, and repair of aircraft - procedures are more expensive than, for example, tuning or repairing cars. After all, unlike the car, the service helicopters and aircraft are more demanding to use components and materials, to ensuring operability of the mechanisms and components that affect the safe navigation of the aircraft. It is, accordingly, entails additional costs for diagnostics and control tests before delivery to the customer, and also imposes on the service the company increased responsibility for the quality of our work before the boat owners and their passengers.


Service, repair and tuning of a helicopter or airplane should be performed only by certified aviation experts. “AIC VECTOR” has years of experience, the most modern manufacturing base and highly skilled specialists to the highest level for providing the best service and original creative interior helicopter and airplane design.

For customer wishes could be made 3D design and then the work would be performed in accordance with the approved design. In this work our company uses the most modern technologies and materials. Our experts carry out works as exclusive works such as interior trim of a helicopter, aimed at increasing the comfort and safety of the flight; the replacement of the inner cladding and lightings, soundproofing and heat insulation of the salon of the helicopter; replacement of standard sofas and chairs, embedding of additional furniture; restoration and upholstering of the seat; the insulation seat of the helicopter; exclusive airbrush and many other works that may be requested by customer.

The most modern production technologies and well-coordinated work of the whole team allows us to make any orders of our clients in the shortest time and without any complaints.